Animal Tattoo Archive

Geometric Snake Tattoo on Abdomen and Arm

A spectacular black skinned snake, coiling up around itself along the arm, side, back and most of the abdomen of this man. This snake, whose head is not visible in this picture, was created expertly by French tattoo artist Xoil.  

Shark Anatomy Tattoo

A peculiar tattoo, done by Valentin Hirsch, in which we can see in vivid detail a good portion of the internal organs of a shark. Who would get such a tattoo? Perhaps some marine biologist who is fascinated by these sharks o someone with a fondness for studying the anatomy of sea creatures.  

Wolf in Outer Space Tattoo

In this tattoo, Sasha Unisex has created a beautiful and balanced composition, featuring a dog or wolf floating in outer space. This animal may be related to the first dog to travel to space: Laika, a Russian dog who, contrary to popular belief, did not survive the trip beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Bat with Fangs Tattoo on Arm

A nice little bat, drawn by tattoo artist Jimi Jackson of Akron Electric Tattoo in Ohio. A nocturnal creature in a cartoonish style on this man’s arm, displaying some of the characteristic traits of this animal, such as its long, pointed fangs.

Cat Hiding in Leaves Tattoo

At least this is the impression I get from this tattoo, done by Austin, one of the artists of the team at Ironclan Tattoo in Salt Lake City. A very autumnal design, where you can find a portrait of this woman’s cat, doing one of its favorite things, snuggling up inside piles of fallen autumn