Animal Tattoo Archive

Two Butterflies Tattooed on Hands

This tattoo has two beautiful butterflies, two completely different species, drawn by Sebastian Domaschke, on the back of this woman’s hands. They appear to be calmly drinking from a flower. A fairly popular design among women seeking their first tattoo, usually associated with beauty, the soul, and even the wedding march.  

Tattoo of Horse’s Face Adorned

An impressive drawing created by Greggletron, incredibly detailed, of a horse’s head and part of its body, dressed to the nines in its finest adornments. These adornments are so life-like, and like the ones that used to be worn by horses in the most dignified of parades.

Bluejay and Goldfinch Tattoo on Arm

Two beautiful birds, a Bluejay and a Goldfinch, calmly seated on the arm of their owner. A man, who must have a fondness for ornithology (the science that studies birds) or the beauty of these birds, in order to wear them permanently on his skin.

Glowing Chameleon Tattoo

Done by Moscow tattoo artist Evgeny Mel on the upper arm of this customer. A chameleon holding tightly onto its owner, surrounded by a sort of aura that is bright blue, while lashing out its long, heavy tongue in search of its next meal.  

Trout Tattoo on Forearm

A common trout, accompanied by its scientific name, which apparently is intimately related to this woman’s life (because I don’t see any other reason to do something like this). Trout, which has been drawn exceptionally well by one of the artists of Steve’s Tattoo.