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Dragon Ball Z tattoo on arm

This tattoo is perfect for couples who like Japanese anime Dragon Ball, on the arm of the man is drawn world-renowned Shen Long surrounded by dragon balls, one of these is tattooed on the back of the girl. The tattoo conveys the supplement that would be great for a lot of couples.

Shen Long tattoo on shoulder

From our fan Daniel Liévano, thanks a lot for all your submissions to the site. This time is a tattoo of Shen Long from the Dragon Ball cartoon / anime which all we watched when younger. In the chest we can also appreciate an “A” from anarchy, which we previously featured on the site.

Pikachu tattoo on arm

A Pikachu Tattoo, from the cartoon and video game series of Pokemon by Nintendo. Check out our sections of pokemon tattoos and gamer tattoos in case you are looking for original ideas.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo (Saiyan)

So, when you were younger (or maybe not young) how long did you watch the Dragon Ball anime? I still remember myself watching it for ours. For all those who simply love DBZ, here’s this chest tattoo of the Royal Symbol of Saiyans. Tattoo done by Ryan from TRX Tattoos & Piecings at St. Louis, Mo. Check our

Sailor Moon tattoo

 Sailor Moon crosier tattoo, happy 80s-90s. Tattoo done ??by Nako in Current Tattooing studio, San Jose, CA.