Ankle Tattoo Archive

Dinosaur and arrow on foot

  Three tattoos on a woman’s foot. To begin, there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex just above the heel, then you see a phrase in italics on the front, and finally an arrow on the back foot. The one I liked the most is the T-Rex, although we can’t see it completely. Of the three tattoos which

Not You (unlove tattoos)

  A tattoo on the heel of a woman. A simple heart with the phrase “Not You” in uppercase. A tattoo for the unloved ones. Perhaps quite simple and with a message that she may not want to keep forever. Do not forget that tattoos are forever, and maybe at some point the message you

Quartz structure tattoo

  The structure of a quartz tattooed on a man’s leg, just above the heel. In a way it reminds me of the Platonic solids schemes (although it is not). Done at Nervo Tattoo @ Porto, Portugal.

Black line on the foot

A tattoo done by  Maxime Büchi (aka Mxm). It’s a line around the ankle.

Panda tattoo on heel

Little panda tattoo on heel. Done at Ventura Tattoo studio by Will.