Annuit Coeptis Archive

Coexist tattoo

This tattoo holds a powerful meaning through  known worldwide symbols, in order are: The moon and star of Islam characteristics. The peace symbol. e = mc2 formula of Einstein’s relativity, by science The Star of David, Judaism. The all-seeing eye. The Yin Yang of Eastern religions. And the Christian cross. Coexist. It’s easy. The differences

Deer tattoo on back of a woman

Another tattoo of a deer, also with surreal touches, but with a very different art style. This I like how the deer emerges from what looks like a good brushstrokes. It shows a Celtic symbol in the middle of the back, and the  Annuit Coeptis symbol on deer’s neck.

Tattoos on chest and abdomen

A great work on chest that includes demon faces, two eagles, and the classic pyramid with eye (providence eye).

Pizza-Annuit Coeptis tattoo

This is really a mockery of the Annuit Coeptis concept (the pyramid with eye). Another tattoos of this symbol.

Pyramid with an eye tattoo

Pyramid with an eye tattoo, design done on arm.