Arrow tattoo Archive

Crossed arrows tattoo for men

Tattoo of two crossed arrows on the back of the arm of a man. On each side of the tattoo there are the cardinal points. A nice tattoo with interesting details.

Dinosaur and arrow on foot

  Three tattoos on a woman’s foot. To begin, there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex just above the heel, then you see a phrase in italics on the front, and finally an arrow on the back foot. The one I liked the most is the T-Rex, although we can’t see it completely. Of the three tattoos which

Compass tattoo on wrist

Compass tattoo on wrist of a girl. The  compass arrow is like a hunting arrow.

Tattoos on forearms

A hand carrying an arrow and a ring. On the other forearm a bird.

Tribal tattoo on hand and arm

With style different to typical tribal, this tattoo extends along entire arm and to finger. It’s me or finger is represented an arrow?