Astronaut Archive

Laika (dog) tattoo

Duke Riley surprises us with this original tattoo done in black ink.  It is a portray of the famous dog Laika, the first living creature to orbit the earth. In the picture you see Laika inside his spacecraft performing one of the most famous travel worldwide.

Astronaut standing on the moon (tattoo)

In the picture we see an astronaut walking on what seems to be our natural satellite, the moon. The background is colorful with all sort of cosmic objects such as star, planets and even nebulas. The lines of this tattoo are definetly not the best, but the idea and coloring are magnific. Work done by

Red space rocket tattoo

  A space rocket tattoo done on red and yellow colors. It resembles to the the drawings and fiction images back from the 50’s, when the first space travels were starting. Tattoo done by Amanda Grace, undoubtedly a fantastic work.

Brand New Tattoo (Deja Entendu)

The cover from Deja Entendu album by the alternative rock band Brand New. Check out more astronaut tattoos.

Peter Aurisch tattoo on shoulder

Tattoo on shoulder by Artist Peter Aurisch. An interesting concept.