Balloon Tatoo Archive

Aerostatic balloon with an anchor

A beautiful design of an aero balloon which is held down by an anchor. The tattoo is done with almost solid black linkes, and contrast is created with a splash of color that resembles to an “accident” done by an artist while painting. This tattoo was done in two parts, the blackwork was done by

Red Air Ballon tattoo

 A colorful tattoo of a big Air Ballon. Strange enough this is an invention that was never really successful, or not as a mean of transportation. Still nowadays is seen as a fantastic experience, something like once in a life chance for most persons. Because of the colorful designs and the experience of “floating in

Balloon tattoo on shoulder

Tattoo of a balloon made ??in shoulder and arm of a woman. Made with old school design using high contrast colors: red, black, yellow and some green. By Nicola, who tattoos at Jolie Rouge Tattoo studio in the city of London.

Green balloon tattoo on back

A green balloon tattooed on the back of a woman, there is a phrase which pretends to be the cord that attaches the balloon. The phrase says: Sometimes you need to let things go. A quote about overcoming old conflicts or problems, or sometimes good things that we may not correspond.

Aerostat tattoo for girls

A cute tattoo for girls on the thigh. A bluish aerostat full of flowers.