bat tattoos Archive

Scary Bat Tattoo on Neck

A terrifying bat who looks just about to attack whoever dares to come near his owner, no easy feat, being a very sensitive and painful area, in which Alexander Kukinov has had to use all of his expertise to achieve this grand result.  

Bat with Fangs Tattoo on Arm

A nice little bat, drawn by tattoo artist Jimi Jackson of Akron Electric Tattoo in Ohio. A nocturnal creature in a cartoonish style on this man’s arm, displaying some of the characteristic traits of this animal, such as its long, pointed fangs.

Bats on the upper back

  A nice tattoo of the most famous creatures of the night. Several tattoos fly around the upper back of the girl. The bats are amazing animal which have been misunderstood for centuries. Why are misunderstood?  People have been hanging them a series of labels that do not correspond at all with these small, intelligent

Bat Tattoo on Shoulder

Tattoo of a bat on the shoulder of a woman. Made with black ink only, has fine details that make it look like a sketch done with a pen. Tattoo done in at Gypsy Rose in the city of New Orleans.

Dove and bat tattoos

  A couple of tattoos on the backs of the hand. On one side is a white dove with blue-aqua background, on the other side is a bat with a splash background in red. I found this tattoo it very interesting because it has a contrast of both symbols and colors, and the fact that