Batman Tattoo Archive

The Joker tattoo (batman)

A great tattoo from the most beloved enemy of Batman, the Joker, the crazy psychopath. A work done on the old style of the comic, it even reminds me to “The Killing Joke” cover, although he is holding a gun instead of a camaera. Work done on the left arm of a boy. Here at

Batman tattoo (very strange)

While you look at this tattoo try to hum: Nara nara nara nara nara na Bat-man! Well this drawing is of Batman fighting an orange octopus with an electric guitar. Should I say something else?

Tattoos on ankles

A couple with tattoos on ankles, by one side a Batman symbol, and in the other a Hibiscus leaf.

Rubber ducky (Batman) tattoo

Tattoo on back of a woman, a Batman rubber ducky. Done by tattooist Calvin Von Crush in Hartford County Tattoo located at Bristol, CT.

Batman tattoo on chest of man

Long time ago became famous a tattoo on the chest of Spider-man, and now this boy has made his own version but with Batman. Although the idea is not entirely original, this piece is a masterpiece.