Beach Tattoo Archive

Pearl tattoo on forearm

A tattoo with black ink. It is an open oyster which shows a pearl inside it. The beauties that the sea gives to the humanity? This is the first time I see a tattoo of a pearl, and I really like it. Tattoo done on the forearm of a woman.

Beach sunset tattoo

He carries the beach with him everywhere. A fun tattoo done on the inside of the biceps, it is a landscape of a beach: a sunset over the waves of the sea, silhouettes of a couple of palm trees and a vine as contour of the tattoo with a purple flower on the middle. A

Sun and tattoos

Another article of how to heal a tattoo properly, in this case it’s about the sun, which gives life to everything we know on this earth except the tattoos. It is important that we keep our tattoo out of the sun during the first weeks of getting it. Normally when you go to a tattoo