Bear Tattoo Archive

Panda bear with colors

  A beautiful panda with a creative design which combines geometric figures and the silhouettes of plants. In addition the classic “black and white” panda has been given a little bit of color with soft shades that look like if it was a watercolor splash above the tattoo. Pandas are symbols of goodness and tranquility.

Bear tattoo on hips

  A large tattoo of a bear around the hip and belly. It is not just a bear but also a representation of the spirits of the nature.  A really nice drawing and original concept created at Nvs-Ink Art at Vidor, TX. Work done by the artist James Valdez. Un dibujo bastante simpático, que  en mi opinión,se

Abstract bear by Peter Aurisch

  Tattoo of a bear with an abstract style by artist Peter Aurisch, previously we have seen other works by him and this style is very distinctive, almost unique. Bear design becomes simpler as you go down and then starts another design. Work done on the shoulder and part of the arm of a woman.

Tattoos on legs (Manly Tattoo)

  A couple of tattoos on the thighs of a man. On one side is a bear roaring and below it a name written in italics (can’t be appreciated clearly what it says), the other side is a sailing ship at the sea. The photo was taken just after the session of the boat tattoo

Bear tattoo on shoulder

A bear tattooed on the shoulder of a man. A great design. Animal tattoos are related to the attitudes of the animal we want to have, in this case strength and fortitude.