Bird Tattoos Archive

Gothic Raven Tattoo on Hand

A hair-raising tattoo, which tattoo artist Kelly Doty designed to show off her talents at an exposition, on one of those fake hands that we’ve all seen at Halloween parties. This hand is decorated with an enormous figure of a raven, with ghostly surroundings.  

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo on Back

With this tattoo is is obvious that it’s possible to creat high quality pieces without necessarily following the dogmas imposed by society. A bird, whose colors are reminiscent of a kingfisher, drawn in a fairly refined technique based on colored lines.

Ravens Tattoo on Back

A pair of ravens, in a freehanded style, which covers this woman’s entire back. Ravens? Although it might seem like an unusual choice and a bit dark, ravens are more than just animals traditionally seen as a bad omen. They are highly intelligent birds, respected in many ancient cultures for their wisdom.  

Bluejay and Goldfinch Tattoo on Arm

Two beautiful birds, a Bluejay and a Goldfinch, calmly seated on the arm of their owner. A man, who must have a fondness for ornithology (the science that studies birds) or the beauty of these birds, in order to wear them permanently on his skin.

Orange cowbird

  A tattoo of a black bird with orange chest done by Clamore Wolfmeyer. It is an orange chested cowbird, a specie that is seen as  a symbol of Spring arrived in North America. It is also said that whom who is the first person to see one during the year will have a year