Bird Tattoos Archive

Small colorful bird

A colorful tattoo of a small bird. The design seems like a cartoon, with high contrast and just some lines to give the full idea of the bird. I the background there is a soft purple background and in the front there are a couple of hearts. A highly romantic tattoo. Design made by Nikita

Barn owl tattooed on the chest

Dmitriy Samohin surprises us with this beautiful tattoo on his chest, it’s a barn owl with outstretched wings all over his chest. The combination of warm colors (mostly brown and some shades) combines with the soft white and gray shades give it a realistic look. Carrying a tattoo of an owl symbolizes wisdom and wealth.

Dove and olive twig

A dove carrying an olive branch, a symbol of peace. It is actually a biblical reference, part of the Genesis and the Noah’s Ark. In this story the dove is seen as the message sent by God about the diluve being over. The figure is so iconic that nowadays white doves are still seen as

Dandelion tattoo on the arm

A Dandelion being blowed, the fragments of the flower are converted into the silhouettes of 3 small little birds which “fly away”. The tattoo has a dark-purple shade. This beautiful tattoo was designed and done by Marty McEwen at Black 13 Tattoo, studio located at Nashville, TN.

Silhouette bird tattoo on wrist

The silhouette of an unknown bird tattooed on a girl’s wrist. It is a aesthetic tattoo, with a simple shape / shadow made with only black ink. Quite simple, but it may look great in some persons. Inspired in the song of Blackbird singing at LA Tattoo, in Los Angeles.