Birds Tattoo Archive

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo on Back

With this tattoo is is obvious that it’s possible to creat high quality pieces without necessarily following the dogmas imposed by society. A bird, whose colors are reminiscent of a kingfisher, drawn in a fairly refined technique based on colored lines.

Ravens Tattoo on Back

A pair of ravens, in a freehanded style, which covers this woman’s entire back. Ravens? Although it might seem like an unusual choice and a bit dark, ravens are more than just animals traditionally seen as a bad omen. They are highly intelligent birds, respected in many ancient cultures for their wisdom.  

Bird and Flowers Hand Tattoo

Specifically, a beautiful swallow, drawn in black and white by tattoo artist Jonny Breeze on the top of this client’s hand. The bird, drawn in a fairly simple and schematic style, looks like it’s trying to land on some type of bush or shrub, from which two enormous roses emerge.  

Paper birds tattooed on arm

 A tattoo inspired on origami in which three birds are hanging from strings. These birds are Japanese cranes. I think that the original tattoo contains splashes of colors, the problem is that the photography is in black and white now. Origami means (in Japanese) folding paper, and is the art of creating figures by folding paper and

Little duck tattoo

  A little duck tattooed by John Boletta from the Studio Strange World Tattoo at Calgary, AB. The work is done with simplistic lines, but still manages to capture with perfection the portrait of this cute animal. Personally I find minimalistic tattoos to be as appealing as large artworks; it is not an easy task