Bones Tattoo Archive

Inner anatomy of the foot tattoo

The inner anatomy of the foot tattooed. With a realistic look, you can see the inside of the foot as if someone had taken all the skin off. There are two very curious details in this tattoo, first, there are two broken fingers, and second, there is a holding pin which is holding part of

Skeleton tattoo on arm and shoulder

Tattoo of a skeleton along the arm and shoulder of the woman. It is the portrait of semi-realistic skeleton. THe drawing is from the hips up to the craneaum. By Patrick from Pacific Ink Tattoo Studio, @ San Diego, CA.

Ram’s Skull tattoo

  A ram’s skull tattooed on a man’s leg just above knee level. Made with black ink only with great shading. Made by the artist Baylen Levore in Austin, TX. You can see more of it here on the site, or invite you to visit their official site.

Skeleton holding a gas lamp

  A tattoo done in an old school fashion. It shows a skeleton’s hand holding a gas lamps. Even skeletons need some light to see in the darkness. Work done at the Hold it Down Tattoo Studio.

Alkaline Trio logo tattoo

  A tattoo from the rock punk band  from Chicago Alkaline Trio. The logo is a simply heart with a skull inside, both done ins a toonish style. Tattoo done on the arm of a girl.