Buddhist Tattoo Archive

Mandala Tattoos on Arms

A pair of basic mandalas, guarding both arms of the wearer, drawn by an expert on the subject, the tattoo artist known artistically by the name Jondix. The artist has chosen, in this case, two designs with simple elements, such as triangles and solar flames, closely connected to the origin of these tattoos.    

Buddhist Mandala Tattoo

A lovely Mandala created from flower petals and leaves, created by New Zealand tattoo artist Josh Paki of College Hill Tattoo in Auckland. Why tattoo this design? Because it represents the equilibrium of the energies in our bodies, as well as the cosmos and universe. Un precioso Mandala realizado a partir de pétalos y hojas

Buddha Tattoo on Chest

In which we see the majestic, smiling figure of Buddha, masterfully drawn by tattoo artist Jondix. A divinity radiating a sort of special energy which runs through his whole body and expands in the central part of the drawing, enclosed by two Chinese dragons.

Chenrezig mantra tattoo

  Tattoo on the nape of the Chenrezig mantra. This is a short mantra which reads Om Mani Padme Hum which is used to request the benevolence of the Buddha. This is one of the most famous mantras within Buddhism.

Buddha belly tattoo

  The famous Buddha character has different images, in some occasions he is drawn as a skin person, in others like is the case, as a fat man. The owner of this tattoo has taken advantage of his belly to give it a “personal” touch to his tattoo. Sharing the belly button is funny, and