Budha Tattoo Archive

Back tattoo by Anil Gupta

  An interesting tattoo throughout the back, well, the right half of the back. There are several portraits that include, among others, an angel in armor, a virgin, and also Buddha and Ganesh. There’s also other character which I cannot recognize. All this work has been done by Anil Gupta.

Buddha belly tattoo

  The famous Buddha character has different images, in some occasions he is drawn as a skin person, in others like is the case, as a fat man. The owner of this tattoo has taken advantage of his belly to give it a “personal” touch to his tattoo. Sharing the belly button is funny, and

Budha tattoo on thigh

A girl showing her tattoo of Budha done on the thigh. Budha is not just a person but a symbol for most of the oriental religions and philosophies. More than a religion, it represents a way of how to live.

Buddha and a flower

Buddha tattoo. The flower in color gives it a incredible touch.

Budha tattoo on arm

  Buddha tattoo on shoulder of a boy. This design has fascinated me for its excellent white colored and some details that create an excellent contrast.