Bug Tattoo Archive

Two Butterflies Tattooed on Hands

This tattoo has two beautiful butterflies, two completely different species, drawn by Sebastian Domaschke, on the back of this woman’s hands. They appear to be calmly drinking from a flower. A fairly popular design among women seeking their first tattoo, usually associated with beauty, the soul, and even the wedding march.  

Ant drinking water (tattoo)

Resat Gül surprises us once again with this hyper-realistic tattoo. It is a design of a thirsty ant drinking water from a pond. The details of this work are such that make it look almost like a real scene. Despite having used only dark inks,  the design has a lot of vitality because of the

Skull and moth tattooed on arm

An armpiece in which a realistic skull is tattooed. The same is decorated with a couple of moths, one above it, the other one standing on the chin. Designed and tattooed by Scott Banks, at Signs of Time tattoo  located at the city of Margate, UK.

Bee tattoo on the foot

The great talent of Julie Clarke is present in this quirky tattoo of bees. The fine details that have these tattoos tell us that Julie is a great artist, a couple of bees, with a geometric background. This pair of tattoos was designed in Colchester, Essex for Flaming Gun Tattoo.

Small butterfy tattoo on finger

In this opportunity, we present a small butterfly-shaped tattoo, the same that is located on the middle finger of a woman, as a ring. The distinctive colors of this butterfly, black and orange, blend harmoniously beautiful thus giving unparalleled charm this tattoo on the hand.