Bug Tattoo Archive

Moth tattoo on the upper back

A huge insect adorned with large wings folded and a couple long antennae dark hues is the protagonist of this tattoo on the neck, the large size of the tattoo makes it appear to detail all the work done by the artist who designed it. A beautiful moth tattoo.

Spider tattoo on the neck

This spider tattoo, may be beautiful for some and for others it may be quite eerie. It is a very realistic work,  the detail is such that some people may even scare when they see it at first glance. The drawing shows a spider which is on the neck of a girl and going up

Bugs tattoo on forearms

Made with dark colors, this tattoo done in both arms has as its main theme the insects (black beetles). They appreciate two copies, one in each arm, drawn with exceptional detail. A  job that surely took several hours and a stunning look at the end. Click on the link to view more tattoos for the

Bee tattoo in the leg

The tattoo of a bee made ??in the leg. A full-color design with very fine details, what is striking is the green eye (actually it is only the iris) which is on the back of the bee. This makes an interesting contrast with the red eyes of the bee. An unusual design, but with an

Realistic moth tattoo

  An extremely realistic tattoo of a moth landing on the back of a woman. The design has an effect of shadows that give a three dimensional appearance. The edges of the wings have a texture that resembles flowers, and there is a soft blue shading around the body of the moth. This tattoo has