Bug Tattoo Archive

Moth tattoo with skull

  The moth has always been seen as an element of darkness. In this tattoo the moth’s thorax and head have been replaced with a human skull. By the tattooist Michael Bennett.

A black beetle tattooed on the throat

A black scarab tattooed on the throat of a man. There can also be seen a couple of other works: a tiger’s head and an orange flower aside of it.  On the chin is the roman number XIII (thirteen) seen by some people as a bad luck number, but others see it as a good

Firefly tattoo

  Some weeks ago they asked me if there were any firefly tattoos on the site, I looked a lot and found out that there are few of them. Firefly are very interesting insects which are seen as magical elements in many cartoons and stories, and in other occasions they are seen as guides through

Tattoo Kurt Hasley

 An illustration done by Kurt Hasley which is a firefly inside a jar and the phrase  “When we sparkle I just glow“. A very cute design with a lot of color, and an amazing work done by the tattoo artist. Getting such a colorful work is amazing.

Realist beetle tattoo

A large tattoo on the back of a girl, it is a black beetle done with a 3D effect to make it look almost real. Something unusual for girl’s tattoos, and really original.