Bug Tattoo Archive

Firefly tattoo on wrist

 A firefly tattooed on the wrist of a girl. These insects are quite unique for the light they can emit, they can be seen as symbols of guidance.

Moth tattoo on the back

A couple of moths tattooed on the back of a girl. A very original design and attractive.

Green Beetle tattoo for boys

A greenish beetle tattooed on the leg of a boy. Done by the tattoo artistBruno Jardim.

Black Scorpion tattoo

A simple old school tattoo of a black scorpion. They employ high-contrast colors: black, red and yellow, and there are interesting details that give a peculiar aspect: those legs made ??with thin lines that branch, and strange head with red eyes and big fangs. There are also a couple of tattoos of a portrait and a koi fish.

Tatuaje de polilla en brazo

Polilla acompañada de círculos y otras líneas interesantes. Pareciera de Mäxime Büchi. El tatuaje está acompañado de patrones de figuras geométricas como triángulos y círculos. Trabajo realizado en el antebrazo.