Bug Tattoo Archive

Ants tattoo by M. C. Escher

On of the most famous drawings of MC Escher turned into a tattoo. It is the ants which travel on a track infinite, a network with the infinity symbol. By DJ.Tammy Voodoo tattoo studio.

Queen bee tattoo

A queen bee (literal) tattooed on leg of a woman. Tattoo done by Michael St. Vincent in Ocho Placas Tattoo Studio located in Miami, FL.

Tarantula tattoo on shoulder

Tarantula tattoo on shoulder of a boy.

Wasp tattoo

A wasp tattoo on  lower back. Done by Steve Scott in Edinburgh Ink

Ladybug tattoo on arm

Ok, I’m not sure how you know in your country. But it is a bug, right? Tattoo done by artist Radu Rusu.