Bug Tattoo Archive

Multiple tattoos on arm

Hourglass tattoo. Bee tattoo.

Tattoos on hands

A pair of original and creative tattoos. Both are formed joining hands

Moth tattoo on back

Big moth tattoo on back of a boy. At middle looks a skull. More moth tattoos?

Moments Before Oblivion tattoo

A tattoo on chest of an emblem style. Tattoo accompanied by dried branches, dead leaves and a pair of moths. It reads the phrase moments before oblivion. Everything has an end, certainly.

Moth tattoo

Moth tattoo on arm, similar concept than in The Silence of the Lambs. The design is done in the old school style, with solid line, few shadows and an extensive use of solid colors (mostly red, yellow and black). We have also a section of Butterfly tattoos where you can find also designs of moth tattoos. Keep