Buildings Tattoo Archive

Lighthouse Tattoo on Side

Representing one of the most important buildings for sailors: the lighthouse. A building which has taken a backseat to newer, more modern and more accurate navegation systems, and which this man chose to homage in this wear, wearing it on the side of his abdomen.  

Haunted House tattoo on the back

Tattoo of a haunted house in the back of a woman. There is an abadoned house, with broken glass and a desolate landscape with dead trees. Behind the house is a full moon large. By Katherine from Scalley Cherokee Creek Tattoos @ Garden City, Michigan.

Cottage tattoo

A landscape with a cottage in the forest. There’s also the silhouettes of a couple holding hands and in the contour of a hand. A very creative design.

Black Lighthouse tattoo

A Black Lighthouse tattooed on the leg of a girl. In the upper side it’s the message “Devini Rae” (Divini Rae perhaps?)

Church on fire tattoo

 Previously I’ve seen something like this before..