Bunny Tattoo Archive

Bunny in love tattoo

An adorable tattoo for women (or maybe also for men). It is a tattoo of a rabbit with a printed drawing style, and there are also two small hearts floating around being a rabbit falling in love. A relatively small tattoo done on the wrist of a girl.

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland

  The extremely anxious white rabbit the tale of Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. This drawing is just identical to the original artwork of the first book. Personally I find it as one of the most fascinating tales for kids (and adults too).

Jackrabbit tattoo on leg

A jackrabbit in orange-brownish tones tattooed on the thigh of a girl.

Surrealist rabbit tattoo

A surrealist rabbit tattoo with impressive details. The rabbit’s moose horns and bird wings.

Bunny tattoo (geometric)

A rabbitt tattooed on the arm. The design is made with geometric shapes and done with cyan ink, it ressembles quite a lot to this other tattoo. Hipster tattoos everywhere.