Butterfly Tattoo Archive

Couple of butterflies on legs

Two beautiful butterflies tattooed on the legs of a girl, just above the knees of her. Even thought that butterflies are associated with colors, the one’s depicted here were done with only dark tones, which combined with the skin, give them a sepia-tone aspect. A stunning tattoo!

Skull and moth tattooed on arm

An armpiece in which a realistic skull is tattooed. The same is decorated with a couple of moths, one above it, the other one standing on the chin. Designed and tattooed by Scott Banks, at Signs of Time tattoo  located at the city of Margate, UK.

Small butterfy tattoo on finger

In this opportunity, we present a small butterfly-shaped tattoo, the same that is located on the middle finger of a woman, as a ring. The distinctive colors of this butterfly, black and orange, blend harmoniously beautiful thus giving unparalleled charm this tattoo on the hand.

Moth tattoo on the upper back

A huge insect adorned with large wings folded and a couple long antennae dark hues is the protagonist of this tattoo on the neck, the large size of the tattoo makes it appear to detail all the work done by the artist who designed it. A beautiful moth tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo on arm

A butterfly with red and black is seen in this tattoo located on the arm of a woman. The beautiful shapes drawn on outstretched wings make the tattoo have a unique charm. This is a perfect tattoo for those girls who love nature.