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“I’m Significant” Calvin & Hobbes

Tattoo on his arm that conveys a very important message. “I’m Significant”. This is a fragment of the comic strip “Calvin & Hobbes” by Bill Watterson, those who follow the site regularly know that I have a fascination with this pair of characters. You can see more Calvin and Hobbes tattoos here. This is a

Calvin and Hobbes arm tattoo

One of my favorit toons, Calvin & Hobbes. I’ve always thought that Bill Watterson has a great phylosophical message (that’s the reason of the character’s name) in these cartoons. Live to be happy.  Work done by Joel Huff from Good Family Tattoos @ Lake Villa, IL.

Calvin & Hobbes tattoo at the arm

Tattoo of the Bill Watterson’s mos tafmous characters: Calvin & Hobbes. I have a special section with cartoons of both of them, I simply love them.

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo for women

Calvin & Hobbes tattooed on the foot of a young man. A tattoo of many colors and high contrasts. At first when Bill Watterson began the comic it was common to see how Calvin feared Hobbes , and believed that the tiger wanted to eat him. Eventually cartoon took a much more interesting story, but the

Calvin y Hobbes bajo un arbol

Bill Watterson and his most famous cartoon: Calvin & Hobbes. This duo of characters who spend their lifes going from childish games to deep philosophical discussions. The tattoo shows these two noble friends sitting under a tree relaxing. I keep a special fascination for this comic. Tattoo done on the leg of a young woman.