Cartoon Tattoo Archive

Pikachu Tattoo Behind Ear

One of the most well-known Pokemon in the world, this design was created by TJ Lout in Dogstar Tattoo in Durham, North Carolina. Drawn in a partially hidden location, which will certainly be covered by this woman’s hair, it’s the perfect tattoo for those who grew up with these friendly creatures. Pika pika.

Toy Story Alien Tattoo

Although not one of the main characters, this is much more fun and original. One of the green aliens which Mister Potato Head ends up adopting. This alien, missing his two brothers, was created marvelously by Niamhy McKenna of Black Pearl Tattoo Studio in Ireland.  

Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo

A warm, tender tattoo done by Paulo Ceqina, starring two of cartoon artist Bill Watterson’s best known characters: Calvin and Hobbes. A 6 year old boy, who spends much of his free time on adventures with his stuffed tiger, who comes to life (or at least in the mind of the boy).  

Hello Kitty (tattoo on hand)

  A tattoo of the most famous cat in the world: Hello Kitty. A design done by Tatt life for one of its customers in which they adapted the face of Hello Kitty to the shape of the letter “W”. The letter could be the initial of the name of the person whom this tattoo belongs, or perhaps of someone

Cookie monster tattoo on arm

A colorful tattoo of the cookie monster from the tv show Sesame Street, also, a really popular cartoon in the nowadays pop culture. The tattoo shows him eating cookies (as one would expect), it also depicts his personal camera and a photo where we can see Elmo. A great tattoo for those with a “big” kid inside.