Cartoon Tattoo Archive

Bart Simpson colorful tattoo

The always funny Bart Simpson in a colorful tattoo located on the lower leg, this cute character is seen drinking a liquid that apparently makes him crazy by the way they make their eyes. A fun and funny tattoo that every fan of The Simpsons like.

Mickey mouse tattoo on leg

Mickey Mouse is the star in this funny tattoo, this likeable character takes a the form of a very well know known  drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci (Vitruvian man). With the characteristic colors of this entertaining little mouse, this is a tattoo takes us to our childhood memories.

Mickey Mouse silhouette

  Three circles, that’s what it takes to create the image of one of the most beloved Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. A simple tattoo done on the nape of a woman. A thin line making the outline, plain and simple and does not need anything else. What might be called a minimalist tattoo.

Blue and black bird

Tattoo of a blue and black bird. I guess it must be of some cartoon, or else is a 100% original design. For some reason reminds me of Twitter bird. Tattoo done on the arm by the artist Sl8tr at Albatross Tattoo studio in the city of Winston Salem.

Popeye Tattoo on leg

  Popeye, the sailor of the cartoons of our childhood, who taught children to eat spinach so you could grow up strong, but even smoked a pipe. Strange isn’t it? The tattoo shows Popeye  coming out of a can of spinach. Tattoo done on the leg.