Cartoon Tattoo Archive

Audrey Kawasaki style tattoo

  Audrey Kawasaki is a renowned American artist (of Japanese descent) whose works have become famous because of  its original style and subtle beauty. Despite the complexity of its work, there are some tattoos that mimic his art and take it to the skin. This is the case of one of them. An awesome tattoo

Adventure Time thigh tattoos

  A couple of unfinished Adventure Time’s tattoos. These are two of the characters from the cartoon Adventure Time, on the one hand you see the adorable little arcade, and in the other thigh it’s Princess Lumpy Space which has no color yet. Both tattoos are made ??within frameworks like emblems or mirrors.

Woody from Toy Story

  The cowboy Woody of the films of Toy Story. He is holding the arm of Buzz Light Year, of a friendship which began with the left foot. Work done by Josh Woods from Black 13. Josh possesses an incredible talent for tattoos and many of his works are usually famous people with an original

Minions from Despicable Me

Tattoo of the minions of the animated film Despicable Me. Peculiar yellow creatures with a very peculiar sense of humor. Tattoo on a man’s leg. Done by Lady L @ Body Candy Tattoos at Detroit, MI.

Courage the Cowardly Dog tattoo

  Courage the Cowardly Dog, one of the cartoons on Cartoon Network in the 90s. A pink dog living in a world full of dark and strange things. I really enjoyed this cartoon during my childhood. Above and below you can read the phrase: The things I do for love. Made in Marietta, GA by