Cartoon Tattoo Archive

Animal from Muppets

From the characters of the Muppets, Animal, the drummer of the fictional band “Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem,” a pretty crazy character who rarely speaks, but still has a great personality. Made by Mindy Stewart who tattooed in Olde Tyme Tattoo studio in the city of Titusville, FL.

Portrait tattoo by Amanda Wachob

  A cartoon-style portrait made ??in the abdomen of a girl. This is a minimalist drawing which shows a woman squatting, from the hair of the woman it emerges another’s woman face. Tattoo done by the artist Amanda Wachob of who can view other jobs here.

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland

  The extremely anxious white rabbit the tale of Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. This drawing is just identical to the original artwork of the first book. Personally I find it as one of the most fascinating tales for kids (and adults too).

Gnome tattoo

  A little gnome tattoo. The drawing shows a gnome covering with the skin as it was going to go sleep, it even’s got a blue and red nightcap.

Bart Simpson tattoo

Tattoo of Bart, one of the main characters from Simpsons cartoon, the little kid who is internationally famous. A very spoiled yet charming kid who reflects a little of the inner boy we all have. I find this tattoo quite “flat” perhaps it needs more color, still a good tattoo.Este es quizá uno de los personajes más