Cat Tattoo Archive

Cat portrait on shoulder

A portrait of a cat, it seems a Norway forest cat, one of the most popular home breeds. The fur has orange and gray tones which contrast with the yellowish eyes. There is a green highlight on the mirror which gives it a little bit of fantasy touch. The mirror is decorated with one large

Cat with Bow Tattoo

A somewhat peculiar tattoo, created by Chrissy Hills as an homage to this customer’s favorite cat. This cat has been given the name Tatty, and is shown here holding a large ball of yarn in his claws (not very well done, actually) and with a very relaxed attitude, surrounded by stars.  

Cute Cat with Flowers Tattoo

A pretty thing, done at English studio Art and Soul by tattoo artist Sophie Adamson, which features a cat sitting on its hind legs, trying to catch a butterfly. The cat’s silhouette is filled in with multicolored dots and red daisies.  

Cat Hiding in Leaves Tattoo

At least this is the impression I get from this tattoo, done by Austin, one of the artists of the team at Ironclan Tattoo in Salt Lake City. A very autumnal design, where you can find a portrait of this woman’s cat, doing one of its favorite things, snuggling up inside piles of fallen autumn

Pin-Up Girl with Cat Tattoo

A sexy, elegant woman, created by tattoo artist David Corden, poses in a carefree and yet suggestive manner, holding up a very surprised gray cat. A rather original design, especially recommended for all women and men who love the look of the mid-20th century.