Characters tattoos Archive

Astronaut and Planets Tattoo on Feet

This astronaut is cruising through outer space on one of this customer’s feet. The design, done by Sacha Unisex, is paired with another of the same shape on the other foot, which contains some of the infinite universe as well as the figure of some reddish planet or asteroid.  

Alfons Mucha Woman Tattoo

In this tattoo John Henry, of Gloyne at Hot Stuff Tattoo, has recreated fairly convincingly one of the delicate ladies from the works of artist Alfons Mucha. Although they brought him world fame, he hated these women with all his soul, because his creative abilities extended far beyond those simple strokes of color.  

Covered Woman Tattoo on Arm

A beautiful woman drawn in profile, who is leaving something to the imagination with her clothing, done in the tattoo studio Skindiggers. The woman is drawn in high contrast black and white, creating a game of light and shadows that is quite interesting.

Pin-Up Girl with Cat Tattoo

A sexy, elegant woman, created by tattoo artist David Corden, poses in a carefree and yet suggestive manner, holding up a very surprised gray cat. A rather original design, especially recommended for all women and men who love the look of the mid-20th century.  

Japanese Anime Character Tattoo

Friendly-looking, appears to be some type of fantasy character with magical powers. A character whose name we don’t know (if anyone knows what it is, please let us know in a comment and we’ll add it), whose owner wanted to affix it to their skin, with the help of tattoo artist Jennifer of 808 Tattoo.