Characters tattoos Archive

Tattoo of Sad Harlequin

A portrait of an elderly person, styled after a Harlequin, drawn by Denis Sivak, which expresses to the viewer the deep sadness that chance has brought (represented here with a casino die). Colored in black and white with the exception of the red die, they seem totally focused on their sad life.  

Breaking Bad tattoo (unfinished)

  For the big fans of the TV show (Damn, I hate that is over now). A tattoo of Walter White with a peaceful look and some other objects related to the life of this character (the Gas Mask, and the “Br” “Ba” elements which appeared in the opening of the series). The portrait has

Hello Kitty (tattoo on hand)

  A tattoo of the most famous cat in the world: Hello Kitty. A design done by Tatt life for one of its customers in which they adapted the face of Hello Kitty to the shape of the letter “W”. The letter could be the initial of the name of the person whom this tattoo belongs, or perhaps of someone

Mr White (Breaking Bad Tattoo)

  A tattoo that is a tribute to one of the biggest and most succesful tv series in recent years: Breaking Bad. I most admit that for me the characters of that show were amazing and meaningful, each of them having a fully developed personality and way of being. Of course the main character Walter

Pinhead (Hellraiser Movies)

  Tattoo representing Pinhead, one of the characters in the film saga Hellraiser. Pinhead is one of the Cenobites, those who love to experiment with all the pain of torture. The background contain several chains which remind us to several scenes of the movies. It is a highly realistic tattoo that we could think is a photo