Chemistry Tattoo Archive

Dopamine molecule tattoo

Chemical molecules tattoos have become fashionable in recent years. Previously we had seen this tattoo of Serotonin (Associated balances happiness / depression). This tattoo is if dopamine, which is very important in learning systems (Reward and error) along with other body processes. Any chemist or physician present? Perhaps this idea could charm them.

DNA chain tattoo

A small chain of DNA tattooed on the leg of a girl. The base of life for every single being we know on Earth. Our identity and all that we may become one day it’s contained there, it even contains the information of the things we may get sick of. A symbol of both life

Li-Fe Tattoo (Chemistry)

Li, Litium; Fe, Iron; and together Life. Tattoo done at Fuzion ink in Norfolk, Va. Other Chemistry tattoos.

Dopamine tattoo

Dopamine molecule tattoo, for  chemistry lovers.

Chemical formula tattoo

Chemical formula tattoo on back. Geeky This is the molecule of serotonin, a chemical linked to happiness.