Chinese characters Tattoo Archive

Black and red Kanji tattoo

A Kanji tattoo done at the foot of a girl. When you get a tattoo written in another language, you better get someone to verify it actually means what you want, else prepare yourself to have a fail tattoo.

Chinese letters tattoo on wrist

Chinese characters tattoo on the wrist of a girl. Done in Tattoo & Barber Shop in Toronto downtown. Artist: Greg Kidd. Chinese letters tattoos are ideal to bring a lot of meaning in a small size discreet and very aesthetic. Although you should always take care to be 100% sure that the Kanji  draw  have the

Chinse tattoo on the nape

Small tattoo at the nape and upper back of a girl. I don’t know the meanining of this tattoo, but anyone willing to do a translation is welcome.

Chinese symbols tattooed for men

A rose, a prayer beads and a serie of chinese characters tattooed on side of abdomen of a boy. It means “Never give up” (????). A motivational phrase to always keep going for what you want. Don’t forget to always verify the actual meaning of your chineses tattoo designs. There are already enough photos of

Chinese symbol tattoo

One of the masterpieces of tattooist Joey Pang at Tattoo Temple. Joey and her team see in this discipline something transcendental, and therefore offer an experience, or as they call it “a journey” when you go to their temple to get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo on his temple in Hong Kong may take quite some