Chinese Tattoo Archive

Buddha Tattoo on Chest

In which we see the majestic, smiling figure of Buddha, masterfully drawn by tattoo artist Jondix. A divinity radiating a sort of special energy which runs through his whole body and expands in the central part of the drawing, enclosed by two Chinese dragons.

Black and red Kanji tattoo

A Kanji tattoo done at the foot of a girl. When you get a tattoo written in another language, you better get someone to verify it actually means what you want, else prepare yourself to have a fail tattoo.

Chinese letters tattoo on wrist

Chinese characters tattoo on the wrist of a girl. Done in Tattoo & Barber Shop in Toronto downtown. Artist: Greg Kidd. Chinese letters tattoos are ideal to bring a lot of meaning in a small size discreet and very aesthetic. Although you should always take care to be 100% sure that the Kanji  draw  have the

Dragon un circle tattoo

Circles are symbols of a continuous repeat, a process that never ends. This dragon in a circle tattoo is a continuation symbol.

Don’t Give Up in chinese

For those who are planning to get a tattoo of a Chinese character. Phrase don’t give up.