Christian Tattoo Archive

Cross and crown tattoo

The cross and the crown is a christian symbol. A tattoo done on the hand, which I find a very strange location for such a tattoo.

Coexist tattoo

This tattoo holds a powerful meaning through  known worldwide symbols, in order are: The moon and star of Islam characteristics. The peace symbol. e = mc2 formula of Einstein’s relativity, by science The Star of David, Judaism. The all-seeing eye. The Yin Yang of Eastern religions. And the Christian cross. Coexist. It’s easy. The differences

Cross tattoo on nape

Christian cross tattoo on nape, a design that is becoming very popular lately.

Bring back the soul tattoo

Tattoo with a phrase between hands: bring back the soul

Phoenix tattoo on wrist

Bird tattoo on wrist around a papal cross. It is a phoenix in blue and pink colors, on his back appreciates a papal cross, maximum simbol of catholic authority. Phoenix are famous for “reborn”, and are symbols of force and resurrection.