Clock Tattoo Archive

Pokcet watch and roses

An elegant pocket watch made out of silver located on the forearm of a girl. The clock has roman numerals to show the time. Bellow and above the pocket watch there are two roses, one orange-yellow and the other one red. This a “new school” tattoo which plays with shades and colors in a delightful

Women’s face tattooed on leg

A tattoo located on the upper leg, it shows the face of a woman in a bizarre style. It is observed that woman is missing  the bottom of the face, and it is replaced with a broken hourglass. THe girl also has a clock on the forehead and some deep looking eyes.

Rose and pocket watch

  A rose is still in bud and a pocket watch tattooed on the arm of a young girl. Both tattoos were done with black ink. The clock has Roman numerals and in center is engraved the word “Ever”.

Many clocks tattooed on arm

  When I saw this tattoo I immediately thought on the White Rabbit from Alice. This young man must be very organized, or have an interesting fascination with the clocks and its various meanings. This tattoo is composed of all kinds of clocks, from a large pendulum clock, to digital ones. In the background are

Pocket Watch hip tattoo

  An incredible tattoo done on the hip and abdomen of a young man. This is a pocket watch with Roman numerals. The work has a soft copper color for and shadings with black ink. Tattoo done by artist Denis Sivak.