Clock Tattoo Archive

Bird and pocket watch tattoo

  A great tattoo done at the Conspiracy Ink tattoo studio. A drawing  of a bird on a pocket watch, it also contains a couple of red roses. No doubt it is an excellent tattoo with a very realistic design.

Poketwatch tattoo for girls

Poket watches are a very popular design because they are elegant. Clock’s meaning is about perseverance, temperance and patience. An ideal tattoo for men and women.

Clock tattoo on the chest

It’s not just a clock tattoo, but rather a complex masterpiece. It contains a lot of elements: The clock, a couple of roses, half skull, and the wings. What do you think about it?

Pocketwatch tattoo on the arm

 A pocket watch tattoo it’s a purple ribbon surrounding it. Tattoo by Romeo Lacoste  from San Diego, California.

Fail Rolex Tattoo

Damn, people just don’t get it that the ink doesn’t wear off (easily).  A completely fail tattoo of a Rolex clock, which is ugly (give him more swag) and badly done. Check out those circles and their symmetry.