Clover tattoos Archive

Four leaf clover tattoo on the back

Located in the middleof the back of this woman displays a four-leaf clover tattoo made with gray ink. This is a tattoo that is clearly about luck, as these symbols are seens as lucky charms. Although it does not have many details, this tattoo on the back it’s really nice.

Clover tattoo on the back

A four-leaf clover tattooed on the back of a woman. It shows a nice touch, wanting to exalt the fringes of the leaves. It uses black ink and a subtle touch of green to give a little more printing. This plant is considered as a powerful symbol of good luck.

Three leaf clover tattoo

A tattoo of a three leaf clover done on the forearm of a girl. The clover is done by “only one line” like if it was a ribbon. The leaf have the typical heart shape of this plant. A tattoo about good luck.

Shel Silverstein tattoo

 The Thinker of Tender Thoughts,  a drawing originally done by the artist Shel Silverstein, whose drwaings and poems inspired a complete generation of kids; and now that he’s gone he inspires many more, because the death closes the doors from envy, and opens the doors to fame. Check out other Shel Silverstein’s inspired tattoos.

Three leaf clover tattoo

Clover tattoo on forearm. The detail and the color gradient has been impeccable.