Collarbone Tattoo Archive

Birds tattooed on chest

A pair of birds tattooed just below of clavicle of a girl. One of birds is white and holds a key, the other is a skeleton and holds a padlock.

I love you tattoo

A miniature tattoo on clavicle, the phrase “I love you” in manuscript. See another small tattoos.

Pair of birds tattooed (Mexico)

 Certainly there are good tattoo artists in the world, but is more divulge this art in the United States or Europe. This time I bring you this picture of a tattoo done by Winnie, from Arte SagradoTattoo Studio located in the Tampico City, Mexico.

Tree tattoo on clavicle

Branch of a tree tattoo, of it come out small bows and uo look 3 birds. Done by the tattooist Dave Samson, Quebec, Canada.

Phrase tattoo on clavicle

Get Rythm tattooed on clavicle of a girl.