Colorful tattoos Archive

Watercolor stripe

A very interesting design for women: a thin line along the entire spine made from glowing colors. The strip has a solid border, but inside the tones which has a “fluid” aspect if fresh paint smeared on the back. The contrast of curves and straight lines creates an interesting contrast. On the other hand the

Landscape Tattoo on Arm

In this tattoo we can see a marvelous landscape full of trees, plants and mountains against a blue sky, designed by tattoo artist David Côté. This landscape, which the artist has drawn with bright, energetic colors, is accompanied by a message in capital letters, across a pretty pink flower.  

Romantic Couple Hugging Tattoo

In this tattoo we have a beautiful couple, created in a style never before seen in this type of tattoo by Czech tattoo artist Ondrash. This couple is drawn with a wonderful combination of colors, with a very affection feeling, frozen in an eternal embrace while they look into each others eyes.  

Map of Five Continents Tattoo on Feet

A lovely, colorful map, omitting the seas and oceans, leaving the five continents as the star of this tattoo. The continents have been colored by the artist in a way that we are familiar with from books and encyclopedias.

Flowers and Mirror Tattoo on Thigh

Flowers, which appear to be decorating a beautiful mirror in the background, created by the talented hand of tattoo artist Gia Rose, of Art Machine Productions studio, and amongst the flowers we find some of the most commonly used by florists: red roses, orchids, daisies and tulips.