Colorful tattoos Archive

Colorful birds tattoos on feet

  A couple of birds tattooed on a woman’s feet. On one side is a bird in magenta color which holds a heart, the other side is a blue bird which holds a four-leaf clover. The birds hold a couple of strips in which is written a message: Forever along with a date. A reminder

Color mandala on the shoulder

  A color mandala carried on the shoulder of a woman. Something unusual, since most mandalas tattoos are usually done in only black ink. This design is pretty colorful, and evokes much happiness. A beautiful tattoo without a doubt.

Deer tattoo on shoulder

  A terrific tattoo of a deer done on the shoulder of a girl. A design made in soft colors to make it look like a painting, or as a simple illusion. Te deers are formidable animals from the forest that symbolize fortune, good luck and passion.

Mandala tattoo on arm

  A green and red mandala tattooed on the arm of a girl, almost the elbow. The combination of colors is spectacular and the detail of the work speak pretty much by itself. An amazing tattoo done by Rye Bean from the Bang Bang BodyArts tattoo studio at Northampton, MA.

Hibiscus tattoo on the back

  An hibiscus tattooed on the back of a girl, it has purple color and is growing as a vine across the back. A tattoo which means the delicate beauty of every woman.