Colorful tattoos Archive

Tattoo on shoulder of a girl

Colorful tattoo on shoulder of a girl, an interesting mosaic. The combination of shapes and colors give it an artistic indio-american style,. but at the same time it has a modernist-type look.

Yellow bird tattoo

Yellow bird tattoo with watercolors effect Done by Reed from Alameda Tattoo located at California.

Feather in watercolors tattoo

A feather painted in watercolors tattoo. The blending of colors is impressive.

Dog tattoos for men

This ladies and gentlemen, is a work of art. A dog portrait done ??with impressive precision.

Colorful tattoos on arms

Much color is impressive. A girl shows her two tattoos on arms: a set of planets of the system, and a purple octopus. Tattoos done in the Taguatinga  studio- Federal District, Brazil.