Comic Tattoo Archive

Batman tattoo

Batman tattoo, the greatest character in DC Comics.

Scott Pilgrim tattoo

Scott Pilgrim is a fantastic comic of Canadian origin, who recently was released to the big screen.  If you have not read it is  highly recommend it, for now we leave this  Scott Pilgrim tattoo, about Ramona Flowers, who is a young  great.

Spiderman chest tattoo

Perhaps the most famous tattoo of SPiderman. This work was done back in 2007, and because of it’s great details it became viral.

The Joker tattoo

A Blackwork of the Joker. From the comic series of Batman, perhaps the best enemy, or at least the most famous of all.

V fo Vendetta Tattoo

V for Vendetta. One of my favorite movies, based on a comic written by Alan Moore. It’s funny how this mask transformed in the “identity” of the groupo Anoynomus.