Compass Tattoo Archive

Silver compass tattoo

  A silver compass done by Josh Woods from Black 13 Tattoo. Compasses are used by sailors and explorers to find the north pole and use it as reference to find their way no matter where they are. It is clearly a symbol of guidance, especially for those who see life as a journey. (sascastic

Compass tattoo on chest

  A compass tattooed on the chest of a young man, made in the top of the chest above the collarbone. You can see the star that serves as a guide and a thin chain that holds the compass. The compasses are symbols that serve as guides.

Compass tattoo on wrist

Compass tattoo on wrist of a girl. The  compass arrow is like a hunting arrow.

Compass tattoo on arm

Three interesting tattoos, on wrist written in italics Amore, a little more on forearm a compass or star navigation, and on the other arm a world map.

Compass tattoo on shoulder

Compass tattooed on shoulder, guidance and direction symbol.