Cross Tattoo Archive

Cross tattooed on the nape

A quite simple tattoo of a solid-black cross. Done on the nape of a girl. This design can be seen as a symbol of devotion, but also as a protection sign. In recent years this design has become relly popular between girls.

A black beetle tattooed on the throat

A black scarab tattooed on the throat of a man. There can also be seen a couple of other works: a tiger’s head and an orange flower aside of it.  On the chin is the roman number XIII (thirteen) seen by some people as a bad luck number, but others see it as a good

Egyptian tattoos on arm

Some interesting egyptian tattoos around the arm of a boy. We can see there are several elements such as the pharaoh, the pyramid, anubis and an ankh. This is a great idea for egyptian culture lovers.

Cross and crown tattoo

The cross and the crown is a christian symbol. A tattoo done on the hand, which I find a very strange location for such a tattoo.

Cross tattoo on nape

Christian cross tattoo on nape, a design that is becoming very popular lately.