Crown Tattoo Archive

Lion with a crown tattoo

  Tattoo of a lion with a crown. The king lion literally? The emblems and shields of many kingdoms used to have lions because they were seen as symbols of strength and ferocity. The lion has a heart on his chest (somewhat mangled) with the Rastafarian flag colors (red, yellow and green).

Fish with crown by Amanda Grace

Made by the talented hands of Amanda Grace, from the tattoo studio Black 13. This time it is blue fish which has a golden crown. Is it a kingfish so to speak?  

Cross and crown tattoo

The cross and the crown is a christian symbol. A tattoo done on the hand, which I find a very strange location for such a tattoo.

Max’s Crown tattoo (Where the Wild things Are)

 Max’s Crown tattooed on the leg. Inspired on the movie (and book) Where the Wild Things Are. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it seems to be quite good as there is plenty of tattoos inspired in this movie. 

Moose tattoo on leg

A drwaing of a moose with a crown tattooed on the leg of a girl.